Lincoln Funeral Commemoration

lincoln mourning card 1865 [195k]

Journey of Remembrance

~   please join us   ~

Chicago to Springfield
~   Abraham Lincoln Funeral Commemoration   ~
May 1 – 3, 2015
{  3 days | 2 nights  }
via motor coach
Hotels | Meals
{  ceremonies | vigils | talks | tours | processions | historic sites  }

~   ~   ~
~   ~   ~   ~   ~

In April 1865 Abraham Lincoln had just brought our nation
through a war that had torn it asunder.
He was beginning his second presidential term,
looking forward to leading the country into peacetime reunification.

And, in that moment, he was assassinated.

The outpouring of shock and grief cannot be understated.

His body returned home to Springfield from Washington DC
following the same train route he had travelled four years earlier.
Day and night — all along the way mourners lined the tracks.

In May 1865 he was laid to rest in Springfield.
This May we travel a Journey of Remembrance
to attend the historical Commemoration of his funeral.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~
~   ~   ~


Funeral Events
{ Living History Re-Enactments|Military & Civilian }
Arrival Procession & Ceremonies|Train Station to Old State Capitol [Sat]
Funeral Procession|Opening Ceremony at Old State Capitol [Sun]
Funeral Ceremony at Receiving Vault|Oak Ridge Cemetery [Sun]

Presentations by Renowned Experts
The Lincoln Train is Coming |Dr. Ken Wesolowski [Fri]
Lincoln’s Legacy of Justice and Opportunity |Panel Discussion [Sat]
The Train Journey, Chicago to Springfield |Guy Fraker, Esq. [Sat]
Abraham Lincoln’s Journey Home |National Park Service & Fritz Klein [Sun]

Group Admissions
Looking for Lincoln National Heritage Area [Fri]
Civil War Re-Enactor Encampments [Fri]
Lincoln Tomb and Flag Retreat Ceremony [Fri]
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library [Sun]

Explorations on Your Own
{ The Lincolns’ Neighborhood }
Lincoln Home|Great Western Depot
Old State Capitol |Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices
National Women’s Relief Corps/Grand Army of the Republic Museum  [Sat]

Self-Pay: daily lunches & snacks|dinners Fri & Sun
Included: all breakfasts|Mr. Lincoln Comes Home Luncheon [Sat]
|The Lincoln Funeral Train Dinner [Sat]

Lodging: contemporary, gracious hotel|full restaurant
Transportation: deluxe motor coach

Travel Schedule
Depart Tinley Park:  Friday, May 1, 2015, 8:15am
Return Tinley Park:  Sunday, May 3, 2015, 9:45pm

$495|double occupancy
*   Single Supplement|add: $150
*   Pay in 2 installments|balance due April 26, 2015|add: $20


Pymt #2 due 4/26. I’ll pay on:
I am travelling with:

Thank you for joining us in honoring President Abraham Lincoln.
We look forward to travelling to the Funeral Commemoration with you.

|This event is a solemn occasion.|
Whether you dress for 1865 or 2015:
Dress for a Funeral|Suggested colors: black, black & white, or grey.
We will be outside for long periods|Dress for the weather.
Wear comfortable walking shoes|There will be extensive walking all weekend.

.. FYI ..
{   Very Limited Availability of Our Bus   }
On Saturday & Sunday most downtown Springfield streets will be closed to traffic. Plan to walk everywhere, all day long, both days.

Saturday:  Bus will drop us off in the morning and pick us up for
dinner at a designated spot at the edge of the downtown.
Sunday:  Bus will drop us off in the morning, then take us to
the Cemetery for the Service.
You may use a wheelchair or similar device within the downtown.

~   ~   ~

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