Journey of Remembrance

lincoln mourning card 1865 [195k]

in memory of A. Lincoln

~   please join us   ~

Chicago to Springfield
May 1-3, 2015
{  3 days | 2 nights  }
via motor coach
Hotels | Meals
{  ceremonies | vigils | talks | tours | processions | historic sites  }

In April 1865 Abraham Lincoln had just brought our nation
through a war that had torn it asunder.
He was beginning his second presidential term,
looking forward to leading the country into peacetime reunification.

And, in that moment, he was assassinated.

The outpouring of shock and grief cannot be understated.

His body returned home to Springfield from Washington DC
following the same train route he had used four years earlier.
Day and night — all along the way mourners lined the tracks.

In May 1865 he was laid to rest in Springfield.
This May we travel a Journey of Remembrance
to attend the Commemoration of his funeral.

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